“Lately” – My first song released online

I’m very proud to officially release my first song online named “Lately” :D. I recorded it on my iBook with Garageband, using the built-in sounds and effects of Garageband. For the guitar I used a Line 6 Pod and Pod Xt Live along with a Dillion guitar.


  1. Nico F says:

    Hey buddy, that song is really great! Hope you’ll soon do it with a full band!

  2. Kiran says:

    Hey Alex
    Sounds cool ! 🙂 You should make more music. Cheers


  3. Alex says:

    Hey Nico .. we did it!!! Lately has been played live in public and with a real band for the first time in world’s history ;).

  4. […] :). We also played two own compositions: Valse de Voyages (by Nicolas, our vibraphone player) and Lately (which is my composition). On the left you see the flyer for this concert (it’s actually Fano […]

  5. […] Lately, I took an opportunity to do skydiving. A tandem jump from the airplane at 4000m . I edited the raw video from the jump and put it online. As music, I used my song “Lately”. […]

  6. lucie says:

    Hi Alex!

    First of all, many congratulations on the birht of sweetie Lucie Zoe! Sweet parents can only produce sweet kids!! But do not spoil her!!

    Enjoyed your “lately” , it somehow conveys a feeling of sweet expectation!!

    There you have them: Sweet Eva and Sweet Lucie Zoe!

    Lots of love from
    Sandra (London)

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December 3, 2006 Music